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What to Expect When You Start Treatment
There are two types of treatment for chronic hepatitis B: interferon (a drug taken by injection) and antiviral medications (oral pills usually taken once daily). This article will focus on the oral antiviral medications.
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Samuel's Story
Hepatitis B Patient Video More than 20 years ago, Samuel received a postcard from the American Red Cross telling him that he had tested positive for hepatitis B. Learn how Samuel is living with chronic hepatitis B today. Watch video...

Questions and Answers with Dr. Tram Tran
Hepatitis B Questions and Answers Dr. Tram Tran is a liver specialist who answers your common questions about chronic hepatitis B. Watch Healthcast...

Did you know?
A recent study in New York City found that 15% of the immigrant Asian population tested positive for chronic hepatitis B infection. That's 35 times higher than the infection rate in the overall U.S. population! Although this study was limited to New York City, screening programs in other cities have reported similar infection rates. These persons likely acquired their infections in their countries of origin, where the virus is acquired at birth or during early childhood.

Lesson learned? If you have loved ones or friends who are Asian immigrants, encourage them to get screened. It could save their life.

Source: CDC. MMWR Weekly. 2006;55(18):505-509.
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